Monday, February 17, 2014

The much awaited lvl 70 patch . . Dragon Nest Sea

Ahoy there!!! mateys!! Dragon nest SEA already got their Lvl 70 cap, But I know most of you are dissapointed because it didn't have the much awaited Assassin class . . I think we need to wait more (sigh) and raid more so we can change our outdated gears and equips (sigh . . how I wish they GM. Adriano can give us some gold :p)
well here comes the full changelog for the much awaited lvl 70 patch:

[New Content]


Level Up cap increase from 60 to 70
New Saint Haven
5 New Anu Arendel Stages added
New Passive skills at level 65 & EX Skills at level 70 (skill book is not required)
Dragon Jade System. Find out more from NPC Blacksmith Merlin!
"Like!" system. Find out more from NPC Events Planner Irine!
Main Quest continuation

Cash Shop

Limited Edition Costume (with weapons)
Cute Lassie Pet
Cute Lassie Pet Accessories



For level 1 to level 60 dungeons:

Dragon Jade can be obtained from Level 40 onwards.
Different items are dropped for each difficulty level.
Items related to suffix/potential have been removed.

For Level 61 to level 70:

Daily Quests from level 61 to 70 are given by new NPC "Blacksmith Merlin".
Top grade jewel "Flawless Agate, Flawless Alteum and Flawless Diamond" added to be used for enhancement from Level 61~70.
Level 70 Talisman added. It can be obtained in Anu Arendel Abyss mode dungeons.
When you achieve max level, you will get Flawless Diamond instead of the Polished Diamond for additional quest reward.
Adjustments based on Level 70 has been added to Colosseum adjustments.
Masters above level 60 who party up with their apprentice will not get EXP.
Cooking level limit has been changed to Level 70.
Daily/weekly mission attainment condition limit has been changed to level 70
Wonderful Theme Park "Treacherous Path", "Monastery Treasure Warehouse" and "Boss Rush (Saint Haven)" maximum level limit increased to level 70.
"Beginner's Energy" is not applied from Level 60~70.

For Anu Arendel dungeons onwards:
- Enhanced Champion monsters (blue name monsters).
- Gold dropping "Goldblin" monster may randomly appear instead of Champion monsters.
- Easy difficulty level is removed.
- Abyss level difficulty adjusted according to the number of party members. Monster stats, attained EXP, item drop rate and FTG amount consumed are changed accordingly.
- "Telesia’s Elixir" will be dropped in Master mode dungeons.

Item changes due to Dragon Jade system:

Existing Magic~Legend grade items until Lv60 will be identified as (Old Item) in the tool tip, with the exception of Level 60 Unique/Legend grade items (eg. Desert Dragon Sword).
New Magic~Epic grade items obtained or crafted after new patch are new items that can be equipped with Dragon Jade.
Suffix materials of all levels (eg. Pacultas's Mutant) can now be traded.
Potential pouch given as reward for Collection Book has been changed to Dragon Jade Pouch

Saint Haven Renewal:

​Opening video showing the rebuilding of Saint Haven will automatically be shown when you enter the game for the first time after downloading the Level 70 patch. You can watch it again by clicking the button on the bottom left.
Royal Castle Underground can be accessed from a separate gate in Saint Haven.
NPC Royal Guards are no longer in charge of warp, please find the Warp Guides.
Royal Guards will now only warp you to the Royal Castle.
Now no longer able to right-click on map to travel to an NPC or location automatically.
Farm channel is removed. You can now go to the farm directly from the portal "Monastery Common Farm Zone" at the lower west side of Saint Haven, or from NPC "Farm Manager Tori" in Lotus Marsh.
Goddess's Sympathy Store removed. Goddess's Sympathy can be exchanged for Goddess's Breath at the Goddess's Breath Store.

Nest related changes:

Entry ticket requirement for Typhoon Kim Nest and Professor K Nest, normal and Hell mode, is removed. The entry tickets will not be dropped anymore.
Dragon Buff remote quest item "Jakard's Noble Soul" will now be dropped from Desert Dragon Nest Hard Core.
Title obtained for "Defeat Sea Dragon Serpentra" achievement is renamed to "Guardian Protector"

Cash Shop

Removal of functional item "Potential Extractor"

Altea's Gacha-Box Update:

Added: Topaz Gust Dragon Mount
Removed: Shiny White Reindeer


Barbarian's Bone Crush additional buff wrongly increasing Magical ATK
Desert Dragon Nest Sandworm Infinite Sandstorm bug
Stats of each class shown at Character Creation screen is fixed
Unable to see other character's Unique Heraldry when inspecting
Colosseum Ranking icon randomly show as lower rank

As for the Dragon nest NA and Dragon nest EU . .  Be patient the patch will come to you someday esp. for the EU players out there :)

An Incidentally addicting but horrifying game "Into the Dead"

Hello guys, I was just hanging around the Google playstore this past few days, and I just discovered something terrifying. Well most of us are very familiar about temple run, subway surfers and of course Minion Rush :), the good graphics and of course the addicting gameplay made this games very famous. But have you ever wondered that you are running around then suddenly hordes of zombies appeared trying to hug you and eat your brains, terrifying isn't it? I present to you. . . . INTO THE DEAD, by PikPok games, it is basically a running game but with hordes of zombies coming your way. But it is not just running around, you can get some weapons in game but well in my opinion . they're not that helpful and there are also perks in game in order for you to stay alive for some time, in which the most helpful is the dog companion :) so you wont feel so alone. The game present itself with its stunning graphics which in my opinion close to reality but way too darker. The sound effects are also great where you can only hear your footsteps, the rustling of the grass and the growling of zombies. There are 4 game modes which is the classic, massacre, hardcore and the flashlight mode, I'm still in my mission to unlock the flashlight mode :). I think that's it! If you like to measure your courage and fear . . Go and play this game . . Oh another thing your device must have good GPU because it can be a bit laggy and of course it's free to download on google play.

here's some screenies:

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

On CES 2014 or Consumer Electronics Show this year at Las Vegas, Nevada , a total of 14 manufacturers unveiled their own version of Steam Machine running of course Steam OS.
Here are the specs and prices of the steam machines.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Strife Moxie

Another MOBA by S2 Games "Strife" is now on closed beta. S2 Games is the creator of HoN or Heroes of Newerth. Check out the Strife teaser below.

You can Sign Up on their Newsletter and wait for them to send you a beta key on Strife website. Just click the button like this  and you're good to go.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Outlast: Review

Outlast is a excellent game for who wants there night more horrible and who wants to feel that they have a monster behind him/her. Outlast is published by Red Barrels and released this September 2013 and considered America’s Most Terrifying Game in this year. I followed, researched, studied it and watch almost of the walkthrough. It is not really a fun game for who have a high fearsome. But actually a nice game for who wants suspense! It consist 9 chapters I think and it takes 7 to 10 hours to finish it, but for real, breaking out the facility takes only a minutes.

This game is a true horror survival perspective game. Being unarmed is what interests me here. Like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, where the mission is to find a clue and get the hell out of there! For real, I haven’t play the game but I do follow every chapters in such walkthrough. There are 9 chapters that players must passed, users who already played it know, but being too long is not good. It is too intense. Each of the chapters is not easy and of course most of us will panic before he or she reach the next level.

The mission is easy to understand and pretty simple, Miles Upshur who is a journalist was assign to check a facility (Mount Massive Asylum) in Colorado which is been closed since 1971 due to it corruption and controversy in experimenting patients. And what he discovers is terrifying line between science and religion. He is incapable of any combat (except he pushes enemies away) against any mysterious monsters or humans that go out of their minds! What he only has is a video camera and its night vision camera. I ask myself why he only use this things inside scary facility? Most of us will ask the same question, right? Then as I read other post, the main point is to record any violence and unorthodox method inside. The night vision has a advantage against humanoids or less likely, zombies or crazy inmates, With night vision on, you can see your pursuer hunt for you, but he can't see you. He can feel you, though, and he can hear you. 

My experience in watching most of the walkthrough really scares me. I can see that you can touch anything unlike any games which moves are limited. What really good at this game is the sound effects, they do freak the players. The heartbeat, the sounds of the crazy inmates, the glass, fast breathing of your character and mostly the -- silence. Sometimes as you on a walk, there is no sound except fo the footsteps, they said that it is a trap and something is not good.

Most of the games nowadays use weapons to fight or to kill someone. You can fire at anything that interfere the game, but in Outlast, it is the opposite part, your only chance to survive is to run for your life! Hiding in the closet, under the bed or hiding in a dark shadows where you’re hoping that he didn’t feel you there! But sometimes the antagonists stay for a moment to search for you until they move on and find you in other room.
There are no ghosts or even furry monsters here but crazy humans or maniacs, it is unique. Blood splat everywhere, smeared blood, dead bodies of the staff of the facility is what you will encounter. The facility is very dark, as I estimated it, 80% of the walkthrough has a dark environment that is why you have a light sources like a night vision. But night vision is very limited and you must find batteries that is scattered in the whole building. For a tip, they actually found in the darkest area, why I would do that? Well, we have no choice but to find them or you’ll be dead or walking blind!

I think every player must keep in mind that you must find a clue or key just to get the hell out of the place. There is a control room, of course, present dead blood bodies will be found. In overall, I like this game. Violent high graphics, running on trails, dark areas, sound effects, is the advantages. What make me hate this is the ending part. Well, I would not mention it in here! There are a lot of theories about it.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Battlefield 4 Launched

Prepare for battle, DICE just launched the most awaited Battlefield 4. BF4 is now available in your favorite gaming store for PC, PS3 and Xbox360. By the power of proprietary Frostbite 3 engine by DICE, you can have your hardcore gaming experience to the next level on Battlefield 4.

BF4 lets you battle across land, air, and sea with its large map. Ride on a vehicle to strategically destroy the enemy and you can also destroy buildings to see awesome explosions.

Time to upgrade your graphics card if you're into PC Gaming.

"Battlefield 4 puts you in the boots of U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Daniel Recker, member of the Tombstone squad. The world is on the brink of chaos, China is the tinderbox and the player is the inadvertent spark that could ignite a global conflict. Navigating the turmoil around them as they fight to save the final hope for peace between U.S., Russia and China, players will engage in combat on foot and by operating land, sea and air units."

"Battlefield 4 will be available for the PlayStation 4 starting November 12 in North America and November 29 in Europe, and for Xbox One starting November 19 in North America and November 22 in Europe."

Look at the trailers to see the awesomeness of the next generation in gaming.


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Thursday, October 24, 2013

In League of Legends, there is new season every year and ecanvery season has an end. The season 3 was scheduled to end on Oct 31 but they extend it until Nov 11.
At the end of the season 3, summoners are able to get a corresponding rewards based on their rank.

If you achieve a certain rank, you will get the following:


  • Summoner Icon

  • Summoner Icon
  • Victorious Wards Skin 
  • Loading screen border
  • Profile banner trim 

Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Challenger 
  • Summoner Icon
  • Victorious Wards Skin 
  • Loading screen border
  • Profile banner trim
  • Personalized invitation badge
  • Victorious Elise Skin

So, what are you waiting for,
 Open and login to LoL, 
Play on Ranked Game Solo or Duo and rank up as much as you can before the season 3 ends to get those rewards.